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Yoshihiko Tsuchida

Yoshihiko Tsuchida
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20121230110807070.jpg 601×600ピクセル

Photos from post-war Japan found around the web and taken by myself when in Japan.

Woodstock pulls Snoopy on his doghouse sleigh

Description: Covered in snow, Snoopy’s doghouse is being used as a sleigh by the best friends. This Peanuts canvas makes an ideal wall hanging during Christmas. - Peanuts wall art featuring Snoopy and


After a close inspection of the photos, here’s what seems to have happened: The puppy wanted to say hello and tried to squeeze his head through the hole in this wall.


This is a good example of how brick wall systems are supposed to work. Kitten vapor infiltrates through the brick into the catvity wall, condenses into kitten droplets on the meowsture barrier then .