Meeting space

Dansk is a café located at the Danish Design Center, redesigned by Remove with the new concept “How to create unique café with eye catching and extra ordinary furniture”. I would like to be owner of an epic cafe someday

"Ropero" by Hierve

Furniture design and home products: wood and glass cabinet, wardrobe with lighting inside. This is "Ropero" by Hierve.

Pop Up Shop Design / Retail Design / Semi Permanent Retail Fixtures / VM…

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15 Must Buy Products for your Home

15 Must Buy Products for your Home

This would be a great idea for those times i need the large cutting table for those incredibly big projects aka backdrops and wedding formals. Floyd Leg - clamp-on legs (available in 5 colors) works with material up to thick.

1ヶ月ほど前、娘の運動会、  連れて行かれた先は代々木体育館でビックリしました。  こんなところで娘が運動会・・・すばらし〜。…

Simple and elegant design for a service vendor or catalog vendor! Looks like it could easily fit in the trunk or back seat!

Take a Load Off on Copenhagens Free Street Hammocks

Please, Take a Load Off on Copenhagen's Free Street Hammocks

Parklet idea: off ground - playful seating elements for public spaces :: rejected fire hoses were used as material for the seating elements

Stair-like stepped Furniture

Stair-like stepped Furniture

wooden stair public furniture by sebastian marbacher. conceived as a celebration of sitting together in a public space, the stair-like stepped furniture piece encourages social interaction by providing diverse ways of sitting.