Mark Wagner - Currency Collages - The Sienese Shredder #2

Mark Wagner - The one dollar bill is the most ubiquitous piece of paper in America.

Chrysanthemums by the Stream (Kikka Ryusui Zu) by Jakuchu Ito

Chrysanthemums by a stream, with rocks. By Itō Jakachū. Part of the series Doshoku sai-e

Jakuchu Ito

老松白鶏図 Loushou-Hakkei-zu (White Phoenix on Old Pine from the Colourful Realm of Living Beings) by 伊藤若冲 (Ito Jakuchu),

Hungry4moreLA » Mark Wagner's Currency Portraits

Artist Mark Wagner’s currency collages play with the value of cash.

Dollar Bill Collages by Mark Wagner

"Sing for Your Supper" currency collage by Mark Wagner - photo from Pavel Zoubok Gallery;