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an ink drawing of a coffee cup with birds flying around it on a white background
Antoni Tapies Print Clau Del Foc X For Sale I ARTEDIO
a brown and blue vase sitting on top of a table
NC Pottery - Finian's Finial
an old piece of paper with lines drawn on the bottom and sides of it in black ink
art journal - expression through abstraction
an abstract painting with yellow and black paint on it's edges, depicting a woman in red
Antoni Tàpies | 1 from Als Mestres de Catalunya (1974) | Available for Sale | Artsy
a piece of art that has been drawn with black ink and is on white paper
just another masterpiece
a large brown vase with a blue handle on it's top is shown in front of a white background
a brown vase with a wooden handle on the top is shown against a white background
a small wooden jar sitting on top of a white table
Goldmark Art & Ceramics a shop like no other
three cement blocks stacked on top of each other
gebouw met silo's 8
a black and white vase sitting on top of a gray surface with writing all over it
Exposition Brigitte Marionneau – Galerie de l’Ancienne Poste
a piece of wood that has been carved to look like a tree stump with tools sticking out of it
Sculpture — Gonzalo Fonseca