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What a precious mixed kitty. She is a Chimera like another lady kitty she very much resembles. Our beloved Venus whom most of us have seen.

Insects After The Rain…

Insects After The Rain…

Funny pictures about Insects After The Rain. Oh, and cool pics about Insects After The Rain. Also, Insects After The Rain.

This is where I sits when I commit to sit! LOL

Jut sitting here chilling, waiting for someone to pass by and pet me. Waiting, hmm still waiting.


Are somewhat longer than its legs. As a result of this length variation, it causes the American Bobtail to possess a slanted stance, almost as if they are slightly crouching at certain angles.

leucistic lion...note. ablinos cant have blue eyes....albinos have red pigment. leucistic have blue and black

Look at those eyes! I thought this was an albino lion, but it is a White Lion. Very beautiful and quite rare.

Lovely things

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the blue button jelly - is a species mostly found in the tropics; it floats near the surface of the water. The circular disc is made of chitin and filled with gas, allowing these jellies to float. The tentacles radiating from the disc do all the feeding.


Translucent Ants Eating Colored Liquids, Photo by Mohamed Babu from Mysore, India. a scientist who photographed ants drinking coloured sugar liquid


はりねずみの「まる & ぽにょ」 on

Shadow Photography

生き物と影が織り成す美しい模様の世界「Shadow Photography」: DesignWorks Archive