weandthecolor:  Negative Space Animal Icons by George Bokhua More about the negative space animal icon designs on WE AND THE COLOR. Design, ...

10 Cool Images of Simple Animal Icons. Free Simple Line Drawings Animals Black Square Icon Cartoon Farm Animals Icon Quarter Circle Animals Negative Space Animals

bison mountain logo design Published by Maan Ali - Melody Corley [This is another effective use of combining two images to create a graphic story. This logo links two images in contrasting scales (bison/lion) which are semiotically related.



Azurea created for L.T. Piver by perfumer Pierre Armigeant    1874-1955

Art Nouveau Azurea perfume bottle, created for L. Piver by perfumer Pierre Armigeant Just gorgeous - made me want to start a fragrance board. See "Fragrant Lady".

PIE International / PIEBOOKS:新刊案内

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