Very interesting concept. It captures what I imagine to be the intended idea effectively.

Cool page idea! The way the text looks on the platter is different that just copying and pasting text alongside a picture. The art and the text is one which I think it really unique.

Brochure Design

A brochure - circles + bold colour equals a great and attention grabbing design. Well done!

Tunnel by Tatsuro Kiuchi


Tunnel—our seventh (!) edition by Japanese illustrator and favorite Tatsuro Kiuchi—is your gateway to autumnal adventures and new beginnings. Tunnel by

Graphic - 「切り口に、大量の塩を塗り込んでやった。」元祖 漬もんや|【予想外】斜め上をいく文の里商店街のポスター25点(第一弾)

“We rubbed salt into all the cuts” and “For a whole month we locked it up in solitary confinement,” reads a series of ads for a pickle shop.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! 甘い誘惑に、おぼれたら。 からだすこやか茶

Funny image of girl with sweets on her mind. Ad for healthy tea drink. If I was drowned by sweet temptation.

3 d の階段図の近代的なビジネス ステップのオプション。

Illustration of staircase diagram modern business step options. vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

壁紙をダウンロードする パターン, 布, 質感

Golden floral fabric Photography HD desktop wallpaper, Pattern wallpaper, Fabric wallpaper - Photography no.

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