a vase filled with flowers and greenery on top of a floor next to a wall
OHaNa 仙石本家 sengokuhonke.
an arrangement of flowers and bamboo sticks in a vase on a table next to a yellow flower
a basket filled with red berries and greenery next to a green candle on the ground
a person is holding a christmas wreath with berries and mistlet on it, against a gray wall
余った布は捨てないで!“ハギレ”を使ってこんなにかわいい雑貨が作れるよ | キナリノ
余った布は捨てないで!“ハギレ”を使ってこんなにかわいい雑貨が作れるよ | キナリノ
a wreath made out of sticks and pine needles
a potted plant with flowers on top of a wooden table
正月花を、小さく、簡単に、シンプルに生ける | 花の情報局