Can you imagine a world without animals? I love the trees, and flowers and pretty things of this world, but, animals give it personality. They are mischievious, intelligent, and loving. TO BE ADDED TO MY GROUP BOARDS ===> Go to https://www.pinterest.com/tranquilwild/ and follow the directions from there.
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Girl's Horse Wall Art- Customizable Hair Color - offered with or without text- Equestrian

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Baby So Sweet

this is sweet. It's art and not a photograph, but still excellent and peaceful picture of a newborn fawn / baby deer, an orange butterfly, and a flower. Notice the artist signature. > Would make a great jigsaw puzzle photo!

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How To Make Your Dog Like You

There are many theories on how to make your dog like you. We spell out some surefire ways to help make sure your dog indeed likes you!

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WARNING: Looking at this may break your heart.

26 Painfully Cute Pictures of Puppies Taking A Bath