A Pretty Purple Shabby Chic Wedding at Colshaw Hall. Purple wedding decor.   Image by Suzy Wimbourne Photography.  Read more: http://bridesupnorth.com/2015/10/22/sweet-surprises-a-mauve-themed-wedding-with-shabby-chic-touches-at-colshaw-hall-helen-david/

A Pretty Purple Shabby Chic Wedding at Colshaw Hall

gorgeous bridal bouquet flowers white tulips with purple lavender green stems. so simple and beautiful

Santorini Weddings Inspiration

チューリップとカスミソウのクラッチブーケ | ウェディングブーケの販売 Luxe Fleur

チューリップとカスミソウのクラッチブーケ | ウェディングブーケの販売 Luxe Fleur

Bó hoa độc đáo màu trắng tinh khiết, lấy cảm hứng từ họa tiết ren trên váy cưới cô dâu.

White and Gold Wedding Glamelia, Composite Petal Bouquet. This @ Mandy Bryant Dewey Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills bride's beautiful bouquet mimicked the petal patterns of a rose. The center is all stephonitas


Silk Lilac Wedding Flowers - so apparently I like simple bouquets with only one or two types of flowers, and apparently I prefer wildflowers.