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Designer: Long Gu This series reminds me of simple asian paintings, that I have seen in books and on cards. Very relaxing to look, in my opinion. Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions!

LOGO: Super intricate, which won't be good for bag designs but that is FINE. Maybe instead of chinese fonts it could say ZCM down the side and add coffee related stuff. Sun mountains, shipping containers, beans, etc

Shimogamo Tea House branding & packaging design on Behance by Nana Nozaki

Shimogamo Tea House branding & packaging design on Behance by Nana Nozaki curated by Packaging Diva PD. Simple and lovely created via

祝うキモチ・祝うカタチ  とうとう出会ってしまいました!  ほんとうに使いたいなって思えるご祝儀袋に。

The beauty design is designed by TESTUYA NAGATA. It is made with wooden molds used to make Japanese sweet [Wagashi] .

特上 静岡之茶、香ばしほうじ胡麻ほうじ、富士の麓の和紅茶。 3g×7個入り ¥750+税で販売されています。 こちらのパッケージも可愛い♪

These Japanese green tea pouches are fantastic because they look modern and elegant while showing off some somewhat traditional prints. They are a cut above the average tea packaging in Japan which tends to be overly ornate and cluttered.

2012年06月の記事 | ハットグラフィコデザインスタッフ 模写修行

2012年06月の記事 | ハットグラフィコデザインスタッフ 模写修行


Extinction sucks and no one wants that to happen to the panda. Rare members of the bear family, the Giant Panda resides in bamboo forests high in the mountains of western China. They are highly prized throughout the world for their beauty and their peacef