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the cover art for madeauk's new wave album is shown in purple and blue
Fool's Gold
As Thump just premiered, Madeaux will make his Fool’s Gold debut on 9/4 with the perfectly-titled New Wav EP. “Kill For Me” is a glimpse into what’s in store, merging anthemic synth pop vibes with modern dance production muscle. Pre-order New Wav on iTunes to get “Kill For Me” instantly, and be sure to check …
two people standing in an empty room with bright blue light coming through the wall and floor
likeafieldmouse: James Turrell - Wide Out (1998)
three people are walking up some stairs in the green light, and there is only one person standing at the bottom
Drake's "Hotline Bling" Video Rips Off Arizona Artist James Turrell, Lisa Sette Says
Lisa Sette on How Drake's "Hotline Bling" Video Rips Off James ...
a man standing in front of a large square on top of a field with clouds
Collection I — Magdiel Lopez
smoke and Mirrors
a man standing in front of a pink and purple wall