all shades of green

Green rainbow cake with mint, lime, double cream and blueberry and its an ombre green cake!


Lamb Rosemary Pastitsio - I'm going to use the spinach part of this recipe, and look at the rest of it. I plan to use a ground beef pastitsio recipe, however.

Extreme Layered Fashion

Extreme Layered Fashion

Extreme Layered Fashion - Missoni Knitwear is Middle-Earth Urban Fantastic (GALLERY)

teen/tween bedroom; colorful, layered mattresses

princess and the pea redux - Covering mattress pads in coordinating fabrics. such a good idea.


This is what you need to show clients who want only layers" or layers". THIS is why it doesn't work like that honey!"omg If I had a dollar for everytime I heard."I want 3 layers".WTF do you mean THREE LAYERS?

Vogue - August 1942. An exquisite automobile parked on a street presents an extremely chic setting for a fashion photograph. A model wears a wool gabardine suit topped with a camel-hair nylon fleece coat. Her burnt-orange hosiery and gloves add warmth to this coolly stylish scene. John Rawlings's work appeared in the August 16, 1946, Vogue.

A Model Leaning On A Vintage Car by John Rawlings

Extreme layering


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Celebrity Lookbook: 15 Perfect Boho Looks to Try For Fall

Though I have some serious issues with Serena van der Woodsen, I cannot deny that I absolutely love this look on Blake Lively. According to Paige Denim& .