five favorite abstract artists

When I was decorating our house, I made the conscious decision to invest in a few pieces of original art. Those three paintings are still my very most favorites in the house and I imagine there wil…

Be Kind. Practice using kind words with my social language games at Looks-Like-Language, where pictures support learning!

Achieving Goals with Kindness, Accountablity & #Boldmoves

"How I achieve goals through Kindness, Accountability and Bold Moves." My only critique is of the pastel colors. Personally I'm not a fan of the "Easter color scheme".


This is really interesting. The reverse letters cut out, and then the shadow beneath really gives this some texture and visual interest. I would immediately be interested in what this poster has to tell me.

Taiko Matsuo

This poster by Japanese graphic designer and artist, Taiko Matsuo, combines the pleasures of interwar era travel posters with mid-century-paint-by-numbers whimsy.

屋内広告ポスターモックアップ#2 | GraphicBurger

Today’s special resource is a new indoor advertising poster mock-up to help you create a neat presentation for your next advertising campaign.

金沢のまちと環境デザイン ART Artdirector Visual graphic Artwork Composition Poster Mixer cover Design

from 金沢(岩本) – 5 - 田中聡美デザインからみる金沢。2

金沢のまちと環境デザイン (City and Environmental Design in Kanazawa) : by Satomi Tanaka

シャプラニールのロゴ:シンプルでおしゃれなNPOロゴ | ロゴストック


シャプラニールのロゴ:シンプルでおしゃれなNPOロゴ | ロゴストック


Japan has set an amazing culture of mixing innovative tech and ingenious design, and it makes all other designers drool with envy.

『博物館で野外シネマ』チラシ Open Air cinéma Tokyo #Poster Graphic Design