Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter

Genko-an Temple (Kyoto,JAPAN) Summer/Fall/Winter This is great, I've always wanted to do a picture series of the seasons outside a single window.


Travel Weddin Photo - Cherry trees at night in Gion, Kyoto, Japan: photo by KITAYAMA Toma 992882495949138

京都 地蔵院 #Kyoto #緑 #Green

lifeisverybeautiful: Banboo Temple, Kyoto, Japan via αcafe My Sony Club

鮮やかな緑につつまれた京都のもみじの名所の永観堂の中庭                                                                                                                                                     もっと見る

鮮やかな緑につつまれた京都のもみじの名所の永観堂の中庭 もっと見る