The details of Karamon gate in Encho-ji, Kamakura, Japan

Image The details of Karamon gate in Encho-ji, Kamakura, Japan. Karamon are often used at the entrances of Japanese castles, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, and have historically been a symbol of authority.


Japan, Oiran - Tayu is the top courtesan in Kyoto ( Shimabara). Oiran are the same as Tayu but they are from Edo Tokyo (Yoshiwara )

Koi Fish

In the summer, pond water tends to get foggy. I like to drain our small pond about filling back up with fresh water. I use the pond water to water plants.They love the fish water! Dual purpose-clean the pond and feed plants great nutrient!

Samurai gear

Bushi Medieval warrior, played out at festivals across Japan every year as towns pay homage to the dramatic history of the samurai.

Japan  Catfish, 19th century  Netsuke, Ivory with staining, inlay; obihasami type

Japan ~ Catfish, century Netsuke, Ivory with staining, inlay in the obihasami type.

Morioka, wooden door of the temple with the 500 pupils of Buddha. #iwate #japan

Dragon, Morioka, wooden door of the temple with the 500 pupils of Buddha.

Tamasaburo  玉三郎    #kabuki  #shinoyama

Tamasaburo 玉三郎 - The great kabuki actor Tamasaburo. Read the accompanying article on kabuki theater, its very informative.

Japanese Hanten collection - Hanten was originally a traditional short coat, now worn as a Matsuri (festival) outfit in Japan.

Japanese Hanten Coats - Hanten was originally a Traditional Everyday Short Coat, now Worn as a Matsuri (Festival) Outfit in Japan.

Suit of Samurai armor of Japan

Phantom Warrior 2 (BW Film Noir) by Jon Sheer on Suit of samurai armor for sale at the flea market outside of the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan. A manly man's suit of samurai armor!


Superb antique meiji japanese early kobe / kobi toy wooden automaton figure nr

Kobe Toy Tin-Automata Wooden Automaton figure with inlaid bone eyes

Japanese Noh and Kyogen masks

yama-bato: Linda Butler Rural Japan Noh and KyÔ gen Masks, Yamagata-ken link on the year’s last night a new face for the cat… devil’s mask .

Kakosai, Inro with fish and a netsuke with chrysanthemums, c.1850-1900

Inro with fish and sea creature design by Kakosai, Japan centuryLaquered wood, shell, horn, coloured ivory