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ArtStation - Buddy Titan, Julian Moran

The TITAN FALL 2 Buddy Titan Figure. This was Modeled and Sculpted by the production team. My responsibility was to Poly Paint the ZBrush Tool to be used for sales and packaging.

Bob Basset's Lair – Steampunk Pinocchio Pilot Mask.

I thought my first official pin to this board should be special, so I chose it to be one of my favourite Steampunk characters, the Plague Doctor!

Propnomicon: The Radhost Complector

The Radhost Complector shows its bearer the way to other world realms and planes of existence. Etched inside you will find many dead ends and oubliettes tempting you to stray from the paths that lead to Avalon, Atlantis, Asgard, Midgard, Helheim and tir N