Happy Flower, Identity © Serg Tropov Simply love this #packaging #branding #marketing PD

Happy Flower, Identity © Serg Tropov Simply love this PD leaf shape of the business car is repeated and even apart of the logo typography which makes it very cohesive and simple. I like the organic color palette and simple leaf shape used.

Yoobi | ico design

Clever brand identity for Yoobi -London’s first Temaki Sushi restaurant. By ico Design.

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「上峰町つばきの森トレイル」ロゴデザイン - illust & design napsac  |  福岡のイラスト&デザイン制作所

「上峰町つばきの森トレイル」ロゴデザイン - illust & design napsac | 福岡のイラスト&デザイン制作所

Some of the flower graphic in this is the right balance of detail and simplicity

I like the 'burger factory' logo, because the cogwheel reminds me of a factory and the inside of cogwheel is a shape of a burger. Very creative.

I like the 'burger factory' logo, very creative. Other logo inspiration too!