Ooh, it's a windy day

"I love wind blowing thru my face! It's a little windy today!


はりねずみの「まる & ぽにょ」 on

There are more than 10 different species of hedgehog out there, and how long do hedgehogs live is dependent on that species. The smaller ones usually have a lifespan of around.


'Red Squirrel On A Branch' ~Duncan Shaw. Red Squirrels, an endangered species, are our native squirrel here in The British Isles.When a group of American Grey Squirrels were brought here, they took over & nearly wiped out our beloved, tufted-eared red spe




Squirrel: "Oh crumbs! I think I've bitten off more than I can chew!"

Aww this poor squirrel! So cute! The chipmunk probably stuffed another peanut in its other cheek. There are worse things than a free lunch.


Love the Quokka! Meet the Quokka, the happiest animal on Earth. These are the CUTEST photos you’ll see all day!

Lovely Chipmunk

Where do squirrels sleep? It is commonly known that these animals are very active during the day and get their rest during the night.

Actually too cute.

Hamster in a hoodie got a Photoshop battle and it's the most adorable thing you'll see today