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Figure out how to incorporate color vs. the midcentury mod. 'color' theme going on here. Works, but I need color in my LR. Beige couch w/color pops from pillows and rug, for ex.

Love the wall

A cheap and quick way to separate space in a studio apartment - use pallets and a sheet of wood over the top to create a designated living room area. Also use planks from pallet to create a wooden wall to further create a sense of a separate space.

DIY Tassel Garland

Using different textures materials for tassels - Linen, Lace, & Love: DIY: Confetti System Inspired Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

grey walls

Inspired By Fritz Hansen

Gallery Wall Inspiration: Eclectic Layouts - Objects mixed with paintings and illustrations create an extra level of intrigue in a living space. From Fritz Hansen.

East Pole Restaurant Photo by Nicole Franzen/Remodelista

The East Pole Restaurant in NYC features a chevron-paneled wall; photograph by Nicole Franzen. - Interior Decor Luxury Style Ideas - Home Decor Ideas

LIVING/DINING/KITCHEN/room/リビング/ダイニング/キッチン/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

LIVING/DINING/KITCHEN/room/リビング/ダイニング/キッチン/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

so many things about this room are amazing - tassel garland, blush couch, and fuzzy pillow

White Ghost Lamp from Mitsubai Tokyo! 密買東京|オバケがバケた!|商品詳細 (OBAKE LIGHT|オバケライト -ユルリク(yuruliku)-)

Mitsubai Tokyo - Obake Light (Nightlight) this is adorable.

Wood wall

Think your wood paneling is dated? The retro design element is simple and chic. Revamp your wood paneling to create a modern, sleek look for any space. For more design and renovation ideas, go to Domino.

Torn Fabric Garland

Tempest Torn Fabric Garland / shades of cream & blue grey - AMAZINGLY beautiful items in this Etsy shop "untoldimprint"!