Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe with a Russian Blue. This picture makes me smile because the cat in the photo looks like they could be my cat's ancestor. I wonder how many cat generations back that is?


Add sparkly stars to your hair with hairspray. Love me some glitter.

balloons by the pool #lifeoftheparty

Helium filled balloons tied to weights in pool. If you want to create the illusion of floating balloons use fishing line which is virtually invisible. (IDEA- Could also ADD some glow sticks so that the balloons GLOW over the Pool at NIGHT!


The link is to a quiz to see what kind of fairy you are. Look at the crown / tiara / heapiece? wire wrapping, crystals, perfect for cosplay or inspirarion for treasure / costume / character Queen Matilde


Best Friends Forever~ ( from j.crew crewcuts catalog ) This is sweet. I'd need to stand on a box, By Mary Beth Cute pic for Cora and her BFF.


Here are The Animal Rescue Site, we pride ourselves on our level of cat craziness and believe you should, too. Scroll down to find out if your feline fanaticism qualifies you to join the Crazy Cat Lady Club!

underwater pastels

under the sea pastel moment - aqua skater dress show window dressing coral anemone shoot


There comes the moment for each woman when it’s time to take off the shoes… Day 22 - September Women - Feminine Wisdom - fairy tulle