Cell Phone Wristlet by Trillium Design | Sewing Pattern - Looking for your next project? You're going to love Cell Phone Wristlet by designer Trillium Design. - via @Craftsy

Cell Phone Wristlet

Cell Phone Wristlet Pattern + Free Hexi Tote Sewing Tutorial - Need this - keeps my essentials handy and still leaves my hand free to look and carry other things while using my cane.

so then I carved some stamps | michelle ward | Bloglovin’

so then I carved some stamps (michelle ward)

【100均DIY】ストローを使った”編まない”シュシュの作り方♡ - curet [キュレット] まとめ

【100均DIY】ストローを使った”編まない”シュシュの作り方♡ - curet [キュレット] まとめ

Teeny tiny little stampers from: http://leafandletterhandmade.blogspot.com/2010/01/on-cheap-teeny-tiny-little-stampers.html

leaf and letter handmade: on the cheap: teeny tiny little stampers - carved from cheap plastic erasers and glued to a wine cork with