QT House by Landmak Architecture

Garden Design Ideas : Would make a nice outdoor "sitting area" for the outdoor shower area, to towel off, relax, sip coffee, and all that…….

Japanese garden

View to the Japanese garden at Rokuohin Temple in Kyoto-shi (Kyoto), Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Love the contrast between wood and stone, and the reverse door pulls.



Love the pergola over the deck for shade and extra gardening space! - Outdoor Stairs in Park Slope Garden by Kim Hoyt Architect, Gardenista


modern indoor courtyard, sliding glass/wood panels reminds me of: ranch-style…

Gallery - T02 / ADI Arquitectura y Diseño Interior - 5

T02 / ADI Arquitectura y Diseño Interior

Gallery - / ADI Arquitectura y Diseño Interior - 5 Great single level plan…



Rosa banksiae, Lady Banks' Rose, Tombstone Roses or just Banks' rose. It is a scrambling shrubby vine growing vigorously to 6 m ft) tall, thornless


Takanori Aiba is a Japanese artist who specializes in intricate Bonsai Tree-houses. Aiba uses craft paper, plastic, plaster, acrylic resin, paint and other materials to construct sprawling miniature tree-house communities that wrap around bonsai trees.

お部屋に植物があると、潤いを感じてほっと癒されます。観葉植物はインテリアとしても人気ですね。 そんな植物を、ひとつやふたつではなく、溢れるほどお部屋に置くとどんな雰囲気になるのでしょう? たくさんグリーンのあるお部屋をまとめてみました。

Green room :: Ficus carica (the plants) display of aerial greenery filling the glass dome of what was once a chapel.


Pretty Cozy Patio: We love the cozy vibe of this deck, complete with lots of potted plants, gorgeous pillows, and a couple teeny tiny coffee tables. by miriam