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Ankle high converse + maxi coat outfit + Rosanna van Billie-Rose + Casual and cool + grey converse Coat: Mango, Skirt: Zara, Scarf: Weekday, Bag: Guess, Shoes: Converse.

最後の振袖姿は、最高に美しく...♡着物を着るなら、ここから可愛い〔帯の結び方〕を選びましょう* | marry[マリー]


最後の振袖姿は、最高に美しく...♡着物を着るなら、ここから可愛い〔帯の結び方〕を選びましょう* | marry[マリー]

Street savvy.

Girl Next Door Fashion. Fashion Pointers To Give You Great Style. If you are the owner of a no-style wardrobe and feel that you have no fashion sense, here is the article for you. You don't have to be known as a fashion d

2013AW 23区×Oggi #Hana_Matsushima 松島花

with grey and a vivid accents: scarf & bag for a light and a contrast

Get inspired: We absolutely LOVE the look of this dramatic vintage-style wedding gown! Vintage style meaning inspired Victorian wedding gown.

siolér|COMME CA ISMのワンピースを使ったコーディネート

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big side braid, rough pink blazer, lace tee, bangs, purple-y lip with leather chord pendant necklace


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