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A través de Peggy Kuchler fish eyes , cute , whimsical, funny surreal childrens watercolour book cartoon illustration cat painting print - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections

猫の江戸言葉 Chats coiffés

kittehkats: 江戸っ子猫を描きました。 (The work exhibited was held at the gallery cat cho, Utagawa Kuniyoshi Tribute Exhibition in remembrance of Mr. Kuniyoshi who was a cat lover in Edo of Chakichaki.

きのこの散歩 https://www.facebook.com/burnetmoth ヒグチユウコ Yuko higuchi

Yuko Higuchi, another cat/human girl with squirrel tailed mushrooms on leashes, love this artist !