Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

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clowns dressed in colorful costumes are performing on bicycles
フォトギャラリー - 成田屋 市川團十郎・市川海老蔵 公式Webサイト
Kabuki actor, Danjuro Ichikawa (the twelfth).
the trees are blooming along the side of the river
花筏 – Hanaikada
花筏 hanaikada
two people in a small blue boat on the water under a tree with pink flowers
21 Stunning Photos Of The Spring Cherry Blossoms In Japan 2014
the trees are blooming and there is a red bridge in the middle of them
中目黒・桜 by u_ran2008, via Flickr / 2011, Nakameguro,Tokyo
cherry blossoms are blooming on the banks of a river
桜色、カレイドスコープ by aniki03 (ID:2443419)- 写真共有サイト:PHOTOHITO
桜色、カレイドスコープの画像(写真)Cherry trees at Meguro river,Tokyo,Japan
several boats floating down a river with cherry blossom trees in the foreground and skyscrapers in the background
Hanami in the moat
Tokyo, Japan
pink flowers are blooming in front of the eiffel tower on a cloudy day