Puppy shiba inu sleeping :)

Puppy shiba inu sleeping :) while this makes me sad (why is he sleeping like that?) but despite that, it is freaking cute!


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やっぱイッヌがナンバーワン! : ハムスター速報

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Two of the most Ruthless Criminals in the Pound Escape! They wanted on charges of being Ruthlessly Cute & Cuddly. If you come across them Do Not Attempt to apprehend them for they will Steal your Heart!


Kitty, how did you get in there? lol… - Any Other Business Cat


Meet Luhu, the adorable tabby cat who’s poised to become the next internet celebrity cat due to her adorable and sad-looking face.

Baby bear

skylargold: “ snoopyowns: “ defyingthelabyrinth: “ heyimc-ool: “ mandyrachelle: “ Smile, here are some baby animals! ” Oh mannnnnn ” DAILY CUTE POST TO MAKE YOU SMILE :) ” omggaahhh baby polar bears.


funny-little-corgi-dog-fluffy-butt. fluffy butt is what I call my corgi