Argot ou La Maison Mobile e Marco Biraghi, “Z! Zingonia, Mon Amour”, Monditalia

Zingonia, Mon Amour” is the title of the exhibition by Argot ou La Maison Mobile and Marco Biraghi devoted to Zingonia, on view at Monditalia.

Woodstock 1969, Experimental Typographic Timeline. #exhibit

Note: The diagonal cropping of the numbers 9 and Woodstock Music Festival 1969 experimental typographic timeline

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Palais de la Porte Dorée Chronology of the French Interesting placement of wall graphics. History of Immigration The National City of the History of Immigration – Paris December 2012

Exhibition Timeline. Newseum.

In October while preparing for that other D. visit, I wrote in an email: The Newseum doesn't open until April! Bummed I can't see it.

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The firm recently debuted an animated timeline wall installation for NYSE& Headquarters that highlights key events and policies over more than three centuries of stock exchange history.