日本酒BAR  懐かしい!!!

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"写ルンです" で撮った写真によるグループ写真展「写るんFES!」のフライヤーイラスト。2014.03.26 - .31

Black and white illustration of different people with colourful cameras and a brown shibu inu dog by Japanese artist / illustrator Nimura Daisuke

【予想外】斜め上をいく文の里商店街のポスター25点(第一弾) | creive【クリーブ】

Fuminosato Shotengai: “Good night and safe travels,” reads a series of ads for a sleepwear shop.

雑記帳 : Photo

"TOPBOY Shampoo & Spray Rinse" illustration by Eizin Suzuki Japan), Lion Corporation, - GraphicArt Advertising and Illustration

sete dias

I can’t figure out whether the work on this site, Sete Dias, is by the…

Use of color makes this poster grade A awesome gurafiku: Japanese Theater Poster: Real Shock.