Torii gate of Itsukushima shrine, Hiroshima, Japan 厳島神社

Hiroshima - - Day trip Torii gate of Itsukushima shrine, Hiroshima, Japan. Top 10 Things to See and Do…

Lotus flowers at Mimuroto-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan

Lotus flowers at Mimuroto-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Lotus are my fav flower



Australia Travel Inspiration - Sunset, Cable Beach, Australia - Cable Beach is a 22 kilometres stretch of beach near Broome, Western Australia. Cable Beach was named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in

Autumn in Kyoto, Japan

Autumn in Kyoto, Japan if autumn is so breathtaking, I wonder what marvelous beauty the other seasons offer

Autumn leaves at Ruriko-in, Kyoto, Japan

Rurikou-in Komyo-ji Temple in autumn, Kyoto, Japan. I would love to have this view in autumn sitting on my back porch each evening.

京都 西芳寺(苔寺)/Saiho-ji temple Kyoto, moss garden

Moss Bridge - Saiho-ji Temple Kyoto, Japan Known as Kokedera, or the Moss Temple, Saiho-ji is home to one of Kyoto’s most famous tourist attractions, the moss garden. Over 120 types of moss cover the garden grounds.