Floating lanterns, Hiroshima, Japan

Paper lanterns floating on the Motoyasu River at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan. The event marks the anniversary of the atomic bombing by the United States in In Japan, people float lanterns on the waters to send off spirits of the dead.

Hannya-Temple, Nara, Japan

Hannya-Temple, Nara, JapanI I have been to the Nara temple where the deers gather in winter to be fed.

lanterns for praying peace, Hiroshima, Japan

Lanterns for 140,000 'spirits': Hiroshima marks anniversary of A-bomb as Japanese PM admits he 'regrets' nuclear power

Papierlaternen schwimmen auf dem Fluss Motoyasu in Hiroshima, dem Jahrestag der Bombardierung durch Atombomben. Memorial: Paper lanterns float down the Motoyasu River in Hiroshima to mark the anniversary of the bombing

willowday: Paper Lanterns (with LED lights) I need to hunt down some LED tea lights!

willowday: Paper Lanterns (with LED lights)/ could be an interesting way of teaching geometric shapes!


Giant lanterns are displayed as part of Mid-autumn festival celebration at a park in Hong Kong

中秋節 燈籠

中秋節 燈籠