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This anti-smoking ad shows, in a way, how smoking can affect the smoker's lungs. It encourages smokers to quit in order to avoid getting lung cancer and dying.

Peter Saville is a legendary album cover designer. He’s best known for his Joy Division and New Order covers, but has also done work for Pulp, Suede and Roxy Music.

Peter Saville on his classic Joy Division and New Order artwork

Joy Division - 'Unknown Pleasures' Design by Peter Saville. Image of radio wave analysis of Pulsar CP from 'The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy.' From of my favorite albums, and album covers, ever.

Album artwork by Peter Saville

Peter Saville's career kicked off after designing posters for The Haçienda nightclub in Manchester, run by the Factory Records label.

Peter Saville's colour code, with which you can decode the inscriptions on New Order's "Blue Monday," "Power, Corruption & Lies," and "Confusion" record jackets.

Peter Saville & New Order’s Colour Code

Peter Saville, Everything's Gone Green on ArtStack #peter-saville #art

New Order - Ceremony New Order - Procession New Order - Everything's Gonna Green New Order - Temptation New Order - Blue Monday New Order - Confusion New Order - Thieves Like Us New Order - Murder New Order - The Perfect Kiss New Order -…

Peter Saville

Peter Saville

vinyloid: “ New Order ‎– Movement (Cassette) Canada 1981 ”

Flyer Goodness: Art of the Factory Records family - The Hacienda, Peter Saville, Joy Division, New Order

The beginning of it all: The poster for Factory 1 designed by Peter Saville. via Cerystemic Factory. Poster for the second birthday o.