Title: The Great Wave Off Fukushima  From: Kadir Asani    Inspired by “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” from the Japanese Artist Hokusai.

The Great Wave of Fukushima Japan Poster - The Great Wave of Fukushima Inspired by the original poster from Hokusai 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa'.



Contemporary Japanese Artist Yasunari Ikenaga ~ Blog of an Art Admirer by SiennaSparrow

Contemporary Artist: Ikenaga Yasunari (b. ) -Ikenaga Yasunari (right) with collector and recent painting Born in artist Ikenaga Yasunari’s serene and soothing portraits of modern women.

Yasunari IKENAGA - I just thought this had a special touch of sweetness to it, something in the face.

Ikenaga Yasunari, Japanese painter Ikenaga Yasunari's [池永康晟] serene and soothing portraits of modern women evoke a dreamy nostalgia through their faded golden hues and elegant floating poses. Using a Menso brush, mineral pigments, and soot ink on li

Old matchbox labels from Japan, starring kittens!

A collection of beautiful vintage matchbox covers from Japan. Featuring cats, deer, bats, tigers and all kinds creatures, these vintage matchbox.

Mt.Fuji with highway at night

Infrastructure- The physical development of a country, including it's roads,ports, sanitation facilities, and utilities.


Life is like a roller coaster essays I believe that life is like a roller-coaster ride and we are simply strapped in for the ride. Life, like a roller-coaster. If you enjoyed this essay.

Dadospuntocero @León, Spagna

Streetart News [wall 637] – Seth GlobePainter, GÔMEZ, Luca Ledda, Bordalo II, Dadospuntocero

御園白粉 多田北烏 1926, Japan Misono face powder Tada Kitakarasu Misono osiroi, Tada Hokuu

nakacoscraft: 御園白粉 多田北烏 1926, Japan Misono osiroi, Tada Hokuu (The Kimono Gallery)