Frame Clock by Nazar Sigaher Year:2009 Client: Willowy

Amazing-clock-design-square home design design decorating before and after design ideas

Recycled vinyl on a guitar

Interesting pickguard idea from Thorn Guitars : GuitarTricks - FB --- pp: Awesome vinyl record pick guard

Portada del libro Necronomicón de Giger con cuadros inspirados en el libro del mismo nombre.

Giger (known for disturbing and often bio-mechanical visuals) was known to incorporate Satanic imagery into his work (seen here with the standard pose of Satan, the head of the Baphomet, and a nude alter).

#Cans, #Lamps, #Lights, #Recycled

Spray Can Delight

cans, lamps, lights, recycled Slovenian design studio ZEK came up with these lamps, made from recycled spray cans.

Maçaneta de arma

Awesome door knob for a gun room or man cave. (My Hubby would love this for his ManCave, ha)

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In between the topiary balls we like the texture of the grey pebble it creates interest and goes well with the colour of the walls

Guitars Artist Guitars Australia

"Oikcaser guitar - Tony Cochran Custom Electric Guitars" Steampunk guitars are just the coolest when done tastefully.

The chain rotates once per hour - so cool!

Have an extra bike chain laying around? Use it to craft an eye-catching clock whose cogs turn in a timely fashion.

So cool

Custom Handmade Vintage Guitar Bass Guitar Vinyl Record by LUMDUMS. This is a great idea for a custom pickguard, although it does mean carving up a vinyl disk.

qnanwho Analog effects | So-netブログ

『スチームパンク・インセクト』: qnanwho Analog effects

Intricate metal animal sculptures created by French artist Edouard Martinet. He uses all sorts of recycled objects to create amazingly detailed creatures – from bicycle parts to kitchen elements.