Lazy sushi. Why have I never thought of this before?

Lazy Sushi *Sushi rice *Rice vinegar *Mirin sauce *Sugar *Cucumbers *Cream cheese *Smoked salmon or crab *Red bell pepper *Avocado *Canned tuna *Mayonnaise *Seaweed chips or nori *Toasted sesame oil *Sriracha chili

Easy @Japanese Oyakodon recipe: this is so delicious! #RawSpiceBar

Easy Japanese Oyakodon (親子丼) recipe: Sweet, soy sauce flavor with just egg and chicken! Key is getting the eggs and chicken to cook together so it is one big piece.

Japanese food, baked rice ball -yaki onigiri-

Grilled rice ball (basically you make the onigiri then brush with soy sauce, then fry it so it looks like the picture).

Japanese food - Gyudon 牛丼 Beef Bowl Oh god, this is one of my favourite Japanese dishes, must try soon with #RawSpiceBar Spices!


Japanese food - Gyudon 牛丼 Beef Bowl Oh god, this is one of my favorite Japanese dishes,

Slow Cooker Chicken Ramen Noodles Recipe #slowcooker #crockpot

Easy and delicious Slow Cooker Chicken Ramen Noodles Soup with chicken and veggies! Ramen noodles recipes that are healthy and can be adjusted to taste

Yaki Onigiri Bento 焼きおにぎり弁当


Yaki Onigiri Bento Box, with sides of tamagoyaki, carrots, broccoli, and mushroom & imitation crab stick salad

☆Happy time☆の画像

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Oyakodon (Chicken & Egg Bowl) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Oyakodon (Chicken & Egg Bowl)

Onsen Tamago (Hot Spring Eggs) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Onsen Tamago

Originally prepared in hot spring water in Japan, this delicious egg dish with soft silk egg whites and custard like yolk is easy to make!

Soba Noodle Soup | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Soba Noodle Soup

Prepared with kombu dashi and topped with shrimp tempura, kamaboko, and sliced scallion, soba noodle soup is enjoyed by the Japanese on New Year's Eve.

Furofuki Daikon, Simmered Japanese White Radish with Miso Sauce ふろふき大根

ふろふき大根と干し柿のミルフィーユ 【Gizumo】

Japanese dish, Furofuki Daikon, Simmered White Radish with Miso Sauce ふろふき大根 -


New Year's Japanese Wagashi Cakes|浜口長生堂 春の上生菓子 Para fazer em espuma de borracha