especially the rock wall. would be great for snakes, turtles, frogs, even birds if it can be changed up a bit.

これが水中世界なのか?水槽の中で再現されたファンタジーな森の世界。「ネイチャーアクアリウム」 : カラパイア

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ボトルアクアリウムとは? - “SONO アクアプランツ ファーム” 水草情報局 - Yahoo!ブログ

This is cute, don't know what water plants those are but I think marimo would look cute with them.

ネイチャーアクアリウム ||| 天野尚 - -

I want to attempt a fish tank garden when I have room for one. and of course have some fish after the tank is established

ネイチャーアクアリウム ||| 天野尚 - -

This Nature Aquarium photography project by Japanese photographer Amano Takashi is a concept of a planted aquarium hobby combined with .


Ha Noi Ca Xinh Top 27 IAPLC 2012 - Honour Prize - Toshifumi Watanabe - Japan - Gliding over the green valley

水を受けるシンクがなんと水槽・・・。バスルームがまるでアクアリウムのように幻想的な空間になります。| 面白くて涼しげなミニアクアリウム♡金魚をインテリアに取り入れませんか?

Cool fish tanks and aquariums. :o) english_rose Cool fish tanks and aquariums. :o) Cool fish tanks and aquariums. :o)


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