Production Process

Infographic showing a production timeline for a backpack. I like the use of the visual lead of the timeline but it uses uneven units.

日本航空の新ロゴ : これ、誰がデザインしたの?


evolution of logos LOL

This is an interesting prediction of where these major brands are headed. If simplicity remains key, they might be on to something.

I don't know what this says, but I like the representation of the country in the background. Seems like olympics scores to me. Probably how many gold medals a country received.

Wouldn't mind working in a building like this

Tel Aviv Museum of Art opens its new Herta and Paul Amir Building tomorrow

Herta and Paul Amir Building at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art by Preston Scott Cohen {this picture seems so distorted & surreal!} Designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen, the Herta and Paul.

Apple Logo Explanation . Graphic Design . Logo Construction

Apple Construction Dimensions by Jane McDougall This is my most popular t-shirt design by far. A lot of people must feel apple constructs their world too.

ビジュアライゼーション インフォグラフィック

anna-vital: “ How To Think Visually Using Visual Analogies Most research in cognitive science explores how we see things but little research is done on how we understand what we see. Understanding is the ultimate test of how good your visualization.