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here are different logos for different types of wine. These logos are all very different but all very smart and thought out. My favourite one is the one as i like the way the wine bottles fold over each other and i like how they are almost transparent.

Art Deco Badges on Behance www.lab333.com www.facebook.com/pages/LAB-STYLE/585086788169863 www.lab333style.com www.instagram.com/lab_333 lablikes.tumblr.com www.pinterest.com/labstyle

set of 24 vector Art Deco styled badges/logos inspired by stuff like Metropolis, Gatsby and Bioshock.

100 Logos by Mash Creative

MASH CREATIVE — so good always 100 Marques and Logotypes. The established East London/Essex-based independent design studio Mash Creative recently published this huge collection of stunn

クローディアSzymańska、ポーランドのグラフィックやモーションデザイナーによってうまく設計されたロゴの大コレクション。 このロゴコレクションは、さまざまなビジネス分野の多様なクライアントのために作成された異なるロゴが多数含まれています。 リストには、シンプルなライン、複雑なグラフィックス、またはカスタムletteringsに基づいた作品を提供しています。

A big collection of well designed logos by Klaudia Szymańska. Klaudia Szymańska was born in She graduated at Polish - Japanese Institue of Informatio


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Badges - Allan Peters

A huge collection of well-designed badges by Allan Peters. The frequent readers may remember the post about Allan Peters' outstanding logo creations.



Dear Miss Modern Instant Logos

New Miss Modern Logos

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"Supporting State Parks through Rad Design," story featured on ModCloth. Flat badge designs by student Caleb Heisey.