Simple outfit for the spring. Pair a striped shirt w/ any oversized sweater and white converse.

outfit | basics | monochrome | casual

Mixed colour long cardigan, grey tee, black jeans and black slip ons. I think this would make a cute and minimal weekend outfit.

I need a skirt like this.

Tulle tutu skirt - how much fun would it to wear this every day. Such a pretty look, and what a nice image as well. Imagine riding off for a picnic in this outfit! Style - this is a new feature I w.

LUMIEさんの「MA-1ブルゾン_#(JOURNAL STANDARD relume WOMEN)」を使ったコーディネート


LUMIEさんの「MA-1ブルゾン_#(JOURNAL STANDARD relume WOMEN)」を使ったコーディネート

leather + dots

Your Complete Guide To The Season's Best Moto Jackets

polkda dot dress and leather jacket.mmmmmm i have a cute dress and i have a leather jacket. It SCREAMS a church outfit for my style!


As you can see; I love kimono! Especially vintage/retro style. I love modern/harajuku style, too, but Taisho roman rules my heart, lol. I'm always looking to make some great kimono loving friends!

バルーンスリーブギャザーディテールジャケット・全2色アウターパーカー・ブルゾン|レディースファッション通販 DHOLICディーホリック [ファストファッション 水着 ワンピース]

バルーンスリーブギャザーディテールジャケット・全2色アウターパーカー・ブルゾン|レディースファッション通販 DHOLICディーホリック [ファストファッション 水着 ワンピース]

Midi skirt and berry boots

Photo (You're pretty, bitch)

Giorgia Tordini in grey top, black midi skirt and burgundy velvet boots/ love this combination especially the burgundy boots

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