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chicken hijiki salad ☆いろ鶏どり☆ひじきのサラダ (hijiki, chicken breast, edamame, carrot) Sushi Recipes, Chef Recipes, Asian Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Vegetable Sides, Vegetable Recipes, Healthy Menu, Healthy Recipes, Cafe Food

☆いろ鶏どり☆ひじきのサラダ by チューイ

サラダのレシピです。 手間はかかりますが、どうしても食べたくて作りたくなる大好きなサラダです♪オイルも少なめでヘルシー。お試し下さい。

Sweet Pepper & Carrot Confetti - Even with no added sugar or sweetener, I… Bento Recipes, Gf Recipes, Curry Recipes, Asian Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Bento Ideas, Happy Cook, Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Sweet pepper and carrot confetti

I am calling this colorful dish confetti, because it's not quite assertively flavored enough to call it furikake. It is sort of a no-sugar (low-carb) and much lower calorie variation of Cooked to Death Hot and Sweet Peppers, though I have made the hot peppers optional. Even with no added sugar or sweetener, I think the natural sweetness of the vegetables comes through nicely.

Bento filler: French green beans with carrot and ginger Crispy Green Beans, Ginger Green Beans, Pickled Ginger, Fresh Ginger, Carrot And Ginger Recipes, French Green Beans, Healthy Lunches For Work, Vegetable Dishes, Vegetable Recipes

Bento filler: French green beans with carrot and ginger

Fresh green beans are available year round, but their real season in the northern hemisphere is the summer to early fall. I count crispy green beans among one of my favorite vegetables, so I enthusiastically eat as much as possible. There are several kinds of green beans - large and fat, flat and broad, and so on. These are skinny little _haricots verts_ or French beans. They

Miso, Tahini and Nut Paste for Broiled or Baked Root Vegetables miso tahini or sesame seed paste walnuts leek ginger carrots or other root vegetables Asian Cooking, Easy Cooking, Vegetable Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Root Veggies, Baked Vegetables, Tahini Paste, Baked Carrots, Eating Raw

Miso, tahini and nut paste for broiled or baked root vegetables

_From the archives. This is a terrific vegan condiment of sorts, that can be used as described here on top of vegetables and roasted, or even as an onigiri filling. Originally published in January 2008._ I'm always looking out for interesting vegan sources of protein, and I think this one is really a winner. It's a rich paste that contains miso, walnuts, and tahini - three

Budo Mame or Budoh Mame: Sweet-salty soy beans (Bento filler) Bento Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Bento Ideas, Asian Cooking, Easy Cooking, Japanese Dishes, Japanese Recipes, Japanese Food, Using A Pressure Cooker

Budo Mame or Budoh Mame: Sweet-salty soy beans (Bento filler)

There are many recipes for stewed or simmered beans in Japanese cooking, but this is one of the simplest, and I'm fairly sure, one of the oldest recipes in existence. It traditionally only uses three ingredients -- soy beans, sugar and soy sauce -- but I've added a little salt too since I like the saltiness to be a bit more assertive to balance the sweetness. The beans have a

Bento no. Vegan bento with baked miso-tahini-nut carrots Total calories (approx): 450 Time needed: minutes total the night before or earlier, 10 in the morning) Type: Japanese, vegan, mostly make-ahead Bento Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Vegan Lunch Box, Vegan Foods, Savory Foods, Peppers And Onions, Main Meals, Lunchbox Ideas, Bento Ideas

Bento no. 14: Vegan bento with baked miso-tahini-nut carrots

(click on image for a bigger view) __Bento contents:__ * Baked carrot slices with miso-nut topping (230cal) * 3/4 cups white rice (130cal) * 1 Tbs. edamame (20cal) * Broccoli with wasabi sauce (10cal) * 1/2 cup Pepper and onion confit (60cal) __Total calories (approx): 450 (how calories are calculated)__ __Time needed: 30-40 minutes total (20-30 the night before or earlier, 10

Japanese country style stewed eggplant or aubergine (nasu no inakani) - looks weird but apparently tastes amazing. Asian Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Hawaiian Recipes, Fresh Bowl, All Vegetables, Veggies, Savarin, Nasu, Japanese Food

Japanese country style stewed eggplant or aubergine (nasu no inakani)

It's hard to take an appetizing picture of this eggplant (aubergine) dish. But I promise you that it's absolutely delicious. Plus, it's so simple to make, requiring just 6 ingredients and water. I found it in an old Japanese cooking magazine, which had an even worse photo of the dish than the one here. I was a bit sceptical but had bought a too-big batch of eggplant at the market, and wanted a way to use some of them up. I am so glad I tried the recipe, because it's now one of my favorite…

tofu rice お豆腐の炊き込みご飯。 (tofu, shiitake, carrot, enoki) Japanese Food, Bento, Tofu, Potato Salad, Carrots, Food Porn, Rice, Cooking, Ethnic Recipes

お豆腐の炊き込みご飯。 by ちくわ部。

「お豆腐の炊き込みご飯。」お吸い物を作ってる気分の炊き込みご飯です(^^;)お豆腐の食感がおもしろいし、お肉をいれなくても、十分美味しいですよ。 材料:米、発芽玄米、豆腐..

Bento no. Quick-assembly bento with nothing made ahead Vegetables For Babies, Veggies, Pak Choy, Tofu Burger, Mini Burgers, Bento Recipes, Salmon Cakes, Vegetable Stir Fry, Tuna

Bento no. 31: Quick-assembly bento with nothing made ahead

__Bento contents:__ * 1 cup (220ml) _zakkokumai_, 160 cal * 3 tuna tofu miso mini-burgers made with tuna packed in oil, 250 cal * Red pepper and pak choy stir fry, 60 cal __Total calories (approx): 480 (how calories are calculated)__ __Time needed: 10-15 minutes__ __Type: Japanese, meatless (tuna)__

The Just Bento Cookbook : Everyday Lunches to Go by Makiko Itoh ; photographs by Makiko Doi. Presents twenty-five bento menus and 150 Japanese and Western recipes, along with coverage of such topics as cooking rice, ingredients, and accessories. Healthy Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Asian Recipes, Delicious Recipes, Sandwich Recipes, Recipes Dinner, Smoothie Recipes, Free Recipes, Keto Recipes

Bento no. 7: A mostly make-ahead bento with fall vegetables and tamagoyaki

__Bento contents:__ * 1 1/2 cups (370ml) sweet potato rice (300 cal) * Braised spicy daikon radish and carrot (50 cal) * Japanese-style omelette (_tamagoyaki_) with green onions (120 cal) * Stewed dried shiitake mushrooms (5 cal) * Broccoli florets with wasabi sauce (5 cal) __Total calories (approx): 480 cal (how calories are calculated)__ __Time needed: 30 minutes total (20

quick boiled kombu 簡単昆布のさっと煮 (kombu) Japanese Dishes, Japanese Food, Miso Soup, Some Recipe, Sashimi, Bento, Seafood, Side Dishes, Cooking

簡単昆布のさっと煮 by fu-maru

のレシピです。 おだしをとった後の昆布。後で佃煮でも作ろうなんて取っておいたら忘れてしまうことしばしば・・・。めんつゆで簡単なさっと煮です。

tuna mayo corm onigiri ツナマヨ&コーンおにぎり♪ (tuna, corn, mentsuyu) Tuna Mayo, Fancy Appetizers, Recipe Box, Japanese Food, Bento, Potato Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Snacks, Ethnic Recipes

ツナマヨ&コーンおにぎり♪ by mio*.

「ツナマヨ&コーンおにぎり♪」の作り方。これからの季節、行楽弁当やピクニック、運動会などにいかがでしょう?麺つゆが隠し味^^ 材料:ご飯、ツナ缶、コーン..

tofu burger ヘルシー♥豆腐ハンバーグ (tofu, ground beef, scallion) Tofu Burger, Bento, Ground Beef, Baked Potato, Mashed Potatoes, Muffin, Breakfast, Ethnic Recipes, Holidays

ヘルシー♥豆腐ハンバーグ by kobari

「ヘルシー♥豆腐ハンバーグ」あっさり豆腐ハンバーグはこってり照り焼きソースで! 材料:豆腐、鶏ひき肉、ねぎ..

chicken wakame salad in ginger とりささみ&ワカメの生姜酢あえ (chicken breast, wakame) Wakame Salad, Japchae, Bento, Breast, Chicken, Ethnic Recipes, Food, Essen, Meals

とりささみ&ワカメの生姜酢あえ by merit

生姜のレシピです。 レンジで蒸すと油いらずでヘルシー生姜酢をなじませさっぱりと美味しいですよ^^。

sesame broccoli ブロッコリーのごまあえ♪ (broccoli) Seaweed Salad, Bento, Broccoli, Herbs, Vegetables, Ethnic Recipes, Food, Essen, Herb

ブロッコリーのごまあえ♪ by Kenmamac

ごまあえのレシピです。 レシピ本掲載&300人話題入り感謝です♡簡単にすぐできるごまあえサラダ♡

chicken breast cutlets in ketchup sauce お弁当に♪楽チン鶏のケチャップソース焼き (chicken breast) Bento, Ketchup Sauce, Shrimp, Chicken, Recipes, Breast, Food, Recipies, Essen

お弁当に♪楽チン鶏のケチャップソース焼き by みどふぁどベシ

ケチャップソースのレシピです。 '09.9.14話題入りしました。前夜に下味をつけておけば、朝はレンジでチンするだけ☆忙しい朝の簡単お弁当のおかずです♪