Millau Bridge (Tarn Valley, France

The Millau Viaduct, is a cable stayed road bridge that spans the valley of the River Tam near Millau in southern France. It is the tallest bridge in the world Read more: 10 Tallest Bridges In The World

xperience Music Project (EMP) was founded by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. It is a museum of music history sited near the Space Needle and is by one of the two stops on the Seattle Center Monorail, which runs through the building. The structure is also home to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.    Designed by Frank Gehry, the building resembles many of his firm’s sheet-metal construction works, such as Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Walt Disney Concert Hall and Gehry Tower.

Aerial View of the EMP/SFM (Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame), Seattle, Washington - architect Frank Geary

The Basket Building (Ohio, USA)

The Basket Building (Ohio, United States) - The Longaberger Basket Company building in Newark, Ohio might just be a strangest office building in the world. The building, a replica of the company’s famous market basket.

The Hole House (Texas, United States)

The Tunnel House- Houston, Texas Designed by two artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, who saw in the abandoned house an opportunity to remind people of how fragile the fabric of spacetime really is.

Pont de Normandie is situated in north-western France and crosses the River Seine between Le Havre and Honfleur. With the main span width of 856m, pylon height of 203m, and the total length of 2,141m, the bridge is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world.  Thanks to its slim and elegant construction, it is also among the most beautiful bridges in the world.

Pont de Normandie in Northern France near Honfleur. A beautiful road bridge.

Yea yea, I know… It’s not a house, it’s a statue. However it’s unusual, unique and still a peace of architecture.    Rod Mickleburgh in his article (May ‘08) wrote: “It was too hot for New York City; too hot for Stanford University. But a controversial, imposing sculpture by renowned international artist Dennis Oppenheim finally found a public home in laid-back Vancouver.”    It was too hot for Vancouver as well…:) The project has been removed from the city, and is now in Calgary, Alberta.

Device to root out Evil - Vancouver, Canada. A country church is seen balancing on it’s steeple, as if it had been lifted by a terrific force and brought to the site as a device or method of rooting out evil forces.

The tower reaches a height of 190 metres (623 feet) with 54 stories.The design is based on a sculpture by Santiago Calatrava called Twisting Torso. It uses nine segments of five-story pentagons that twist as it rises; the topmost segment is twisted ninety degrees clockwise with respect to the ground floor.

The Turning Torso, Sweden. A "Green" Skyscraper. Check it out- the interior living spaces are stunning as well!

located in Amsterdam and were made by Naomi. Three unusual red steel bridges extend over the water between the islands Sporenburg and Borneo

Strangest and Unusual Bridges From Around the World. Located in Amsterdam three red steel bridges extend over the water between the island Sporenburg Borneo.


The pylons and underside of a bridge to the Miami shipping port glow with blue light at night.


Like a patriotic strand of DNA, the Nanhe River Landscape Bridge in Xinjin, China was designed by New York studio WXY Architecture and Weidlinger Associates Consulting Engineers.


Pearl River Necklace, link artificial islands to form a bridge between Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau