Bathing Beauties...

Made me smile : ) I find this picture beautiful, because I imagine two lifelong friends, who perhaps in their younger days enjoyed swimming, and they're still loving it! Their smiles are contagious : ) : )


grumpy looking people laughing Candid people picture taking is a hobby I love. You catch many different emotions,situations and it's all unscripted. Life unfolding before your very eyes.

【爆笑注意】ドラえもんの名言・珍言・暴言集 - NAVER まとめ

" You see, both paths have obstacles ." " if you face obstacles, get over it!" " You misunderstand the whole thing. Making a choice does not always mean taking a walkable and saftey way.




Translation: Who wants to -- 10000 people Who begins -- 100 people Who perseveres -- 1 person もっと見る

National Treasure : Miroku Bosatsu. 弥勒菩薩

Miroku Bosatsu Hanka Shiyui statue (Maitreya Bodhisattva sitting contemplatively in the half-lotus position) at Koryu-ji Temple


Une séance photo pour leur 63eme anniversaire de mariage