Japanese sweets

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Japanese Candies

Japanese Candies - Kintaro-Ame (Ame means candy) . Cut anywhere of the candy bar, you can see the same face.

和菓子 Japanese sweets - intricate

Wagashi - Beautiful Japanese Sweets - almost too pretty to eat!

Japanese tea and sweets

桜茶会、そしてお茶 ♪

Japanese tea and sweets 八女茶と干菓子 love the tiny box

Kyoto Dango Sweets, 京都めも                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

Dango with matcha, azuki, kinako tastes.

Japanese Confectionary with iced  Matcha Green Tea Latte

Japanese jelly sweets of Koi and maccha drink

正月 Japanese sweets for the year of the horse 2014

New year sweets 正月

Sakura Shiratama


Sakura Shiratama

Japanese sweets, Wagashi

Yellow plate: can cut strips of mochi skin before making that.experiment with paper first Japanese sweets, Wagashi 和菓子

sweets as "Girls' Day", "Seiobo" in honor of the Girl's Festival

桃の節句にちなんで    和菓子 「ひな祭り」 と 「西王母」

for with tiny details and dolls"Girls' Day", "Seiobo" in honor of the Girl's Festival

Japanese Sweets, wagashi : kurakurach.exblog.jp

Wagashi at its cutest!

Japanese dry confectioneries, Higashi 干菓子

Japanese dry confectioneries, for tea ceremony

Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets - wagashi from Nipponia


Japanese Wagashi box, gum paste sweets, not chocolate but very pretty.

Wagashi,  Traditional Japanese Confections

Wagashi, Traditional Japanese Confections

Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets