Moss Walls: The Interior Design Trend That Turns Your Home Into A Forest

Monamour Natural Design in Casa Decor 2012 / Madrid - The Nature Collection / Vertical garden with preserved plants designed by Claudia Bonollo

W. Larkin, Lady Dorothy Cary, detail 1615

Detail Lady Dorothy Carey by English Painter William Larkin early

Vladimir Volegov

Vladimir Volegov Familiar Melody painting for sale - Vladimir Volegov Familiar Melody is handmade art reproduction; You can buy Vladimir Volegov Familiar Melody painting on canvas or frame.

The "Clock No. 4" by Rasmus Sørnes Apart from the pendulum it was entirely handmade, as were his tools. It includes: locations of the sun and moon, Julian calendar, Gregorian calendar, sidereal time, GMT, local time with daylight saving time and leap year, solar and lunar cycle corrections, eclipses, local sunset and sunrise, moon phase, tides, sunspot cycles and a planetarium including Pluto's 248 year orbit and the 25,800 year period of the precession of the Earth's axis.

“ This remarkable timepiece, possibly the most complicated of its kind in the world, was designed and made by Rasmus Sørnes - in Moss, Norway. Rasmus Sørnes clocks will probably be the last ones ever designed and made by hand by one.

orangexocoatl: Portrait of a Lady with a Lapdog, by Sebastiano Ceccarini (1703-1783) (detail)

detailsofpaintings: “ Sebastiano Ceccarini, Portrait of a lady, half-length, in a white embroidered dress and a blue sash (detail) century ”