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a white box with red designs on it next to a smaller box that has a red ribbon
RURU MARY’S – Eriko Kawakami
four cards with cherries on them sitting next to each other in front of a box
今年の「ベスト手みやげ」は? 王道、レトロ、地元限定…盛りだくさんです!
two boxes with some food on them and one box that has the same design on it
【デザインアイデア集select by haconiwa】イラストを使用した、かわいくて手に取りたくなるデザイン事例集|01〜15|haconiwa
【デザインアイデア集select by haconiwa】イラストを使用した、かわいくて手に取りたくなるデザイン事例集|01〜15|haconiwa|「世の中のクリエイティブを見つける、届ける」WEBマガジン
a box that has some type of writing on the inside of it, and is white with black lettering
Panettone From Roy
an open box with a drawing of a deer on it's side and the lid
an open box filled with different types of candies
Orderme.again Dessert Giftbox — O.OO
three packets of green tea next to each other on a gray surface with chinese writing
【デザインアイデア集select by haconiwa】イラストを使用した、かわいくて手に取りたくなるデザイン事例集|01〜15|haconiwa
three boxes of chocolate with unicorns on them and one box of candy next to it
an empty bar of soap sitting on top of a wooden table
three bottles of evan hair and body wash on a white background with an image of women in evening dresses
Loves | AnOther
an assortment of women's perfumes in front of a red box with flowers on it
Coffret Parfum 𝌆 SEPHORA
a box with an image of a woman in a bathing suit and sunhat on the beach
Illustration d'un packaging Lancôme
three blue and white boxes sitting on top of a purple surface next to each other
New Brand Identity for Finland 100 by Kokoro & Moi — BP&O