Savant Syndrome

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25 Mind-Blowing Ways Society Is About To Completely Change

Our society is changing so fast that in many cases most of us are unable to follow along and get easily confused by all the violent, rapid transformations ta...

"A Beautiful Mind: Brain Injury Turns Man Into Math Genius" by LiveScience Lesão Cerebral, Savant Syndrome, Physics Concepts, Math Genius, Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic, Mystique, Human Mind, Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind: Brain Injury Turns Man Into Math Genius

A man with a traumatic brain injury developed the remarkable ability to see the world mathematically.

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A Young Man Recites Pi To 22,514 Decimal Places And Learns New Languages In Just One Week.

Daniel Tammet is a young man with an incredible brain.

Synesthesia and the Poetry of Numbers: Autistic Savant Daniel Tammet on Literature, Math, and Empathy, by Way of Borges Numero Pi, Savant Syndrome, Twice Exceptional, Decimal Places, Extraordinary People, Amazing People, Amazing Man, Sensory Issues, Beautiful Mind

Synesthesia and the Poetry of Numbers: Autistic Savant Daniel Tammet on Literature, Math, and Empathy, by Way of Borges

“Like works of literature, mathematical ideas help expand our circle of empathy, liberating us from the tyranny of a single, parochial point of view.”

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Treffert Center | Agnesian HealthCare

The Treffert Center invites individuals, families and communities worldwide to explore the potential of the human mind, focusing on strengths rather than limitations. We seek to preserve, make available and expand the legacy of Darold Treffert, MD, an internationally respected researcher in autism, hyperlexia, savant syndrome and related conditions.

Extraordinary People: Understanding Savant Syndrome by Darold Treffert Feeling Happy, How Are You Feeling, Savant Syndrome, Twice Exceptional, Neuroplasticity, Extraordinary People, Aspergers, Feel Better, Nonfiction

savant syndrome

Savant syndrome—islands of genius and ability—has remained unexplained. This site explores this condition in depth and features profiles of specific savants

This video, The Last Legal Slave in America, with a current running time of 45 minutes, documents the life and times of one of the most amazing musical prodigies… Savant Syndrome, Black History Facts, Lest We Forget, Famous Men, African American History, White Man, Black People, Black Is Beautiful, My Photos

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The ‘Savant’ Artist Savant Syndrome, Outsider Art Fair, Victorian Era, Artist At Work, Museum, History, Asylum, Image, Objects

James Henry Pullen Exhibition

The Langdon Down Museum of Learning Disability was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant in 2012 to exhibit artefacts made by James Henry Pullen, whose life and achievements are considered to be si…