noh masks

能面 もっと見る もっと見る

Couple with traditional Devil, or Oni-masks. Devil masks serve two purposes; the first, to portray the devil and create disasters or cause the plague, and conversely they are used to ward off evil spirits (As Fierce God Style). Used in Noh, Kabuki, and in celebration. Often handed down from generation to generation.

dokuroou: “ うちゃかさんのツイート: “私の祖父母も昭和初期にこんな感じの結婚式写真を撮ってるんだけど、他にもこういう風に撮っている方々の写真を見つけたから、安心した。祖父母は「流行りみたいな感じだったのよねー」って言ってたけどまじROCKだなって思ってる。” ”

Foxes (Kitsune) are a common subject of Japanese myth and folklore. Foxes are thought to be able to take human form. In myth, they sometimes possess humans or shapeshift. This is often for the purpose of seducing humans. There are several Japanese myths in which young men or women unknowingly marry a fox.Foxes are thought to be the messengers of the Gods. The marriage of foxes is considered a good omen.

開催されている東山花灯路では、古来より縁起がいいとされている「狐の嫁入り巡行」を人力車と提灯行列で再現!観ることができるといい事あるかも☆ photo by 京都写真-Kyoto

Japanese mask is used for Noh play. It represents woman with anger.

京都の能面師 寺井一佑(いちゆう)による美しい能面の紹介と能面教室の案内。Introduction of Noh mask which is Japanese traditional works of art. All noh masks are carved by Ichyuu Terai