I so love this dinner set. Ceramic bowls & plates with gold rims. By Laura Letinsky.


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Handmade Teacup.

Pinned for the tiny spoon! also I like the color of the tea set. Id prefer it a…

kara miller ceramics

I thought these plates had gold rims (they don't), but they're still SUPER elegant! Ceramic Dinner Plate with Circles in Copper and Blue

a turkish soup cup for everything but soup.

鈴木麻起子 Makiko Suzuki Turkish cup can be stakked!


Salas Batty Akasaka is a craft tape case of K's work. by Cartonnage writer Inoue Hitomi

手に取るだけでうっとり、ほれぼれしてしまう益子焼「よしざわ窯」から生まれた器たち。 温かみのある色み、マットな質感やカタチ、ぽってりした厚み…。

ほっこりかわいい益子焼「よしざわ窯」が手がける生活陶器「on the table」の素敵な器たち

yuko ikeda

yuko ikeda