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How to start your day productively

How to start your day productively is something that seems to elude most people, including me. Recently, however, I may have discovered the key.

Cruelty-Free Makeup

3 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands I love

Let’s Start A Bullet Journal

I caved. You have no idea how long I have fought the urge, battled the peer pressure and just plain ignored bullet journals. Being as obsessed with stationary as I am, I knew no good could come of …

Galentines be mine

Galentines be mine

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Six Steps To Surviving Your Period

Tea Time With Naomi - Six Steps To Surviving Your Period

Things Not To Say To Someone With OCD

OCD is a very underappreciated mental illness. Everywhere you look are jokes aimed 'harmlessly' at the community. Here's why they are just the opposite.

This Time next Year

Teatime with Naomi

Crunchy Leaves And Fluffy Socks  |  Pinspiration 002

Crunchy Leaves And Fluffy Socks

Hello Depression, My Old Friend

Depression is like that old friend you never remember why you stopped talking to until you meet for lunch one Saturday afternoon. Loud and self absorbed, they point out the best in everyone but you…

The Layover: 12 Hours in Seoul

안녕하세요 Mid-September, Chad and I made the long trip back to Wales for a very much needed mini holiday. As excited as I was, however, I was dreading the concept of a 12 hour layover in South Korea.

Cafe Mog|Kyoto A must when visiting the beautiful city of Kyoto, Japan.  A delicious pancake cafe right in the heart of Kyoto city.

While on our one year anniversary get away in Kyoto back in February, Chad introduced me to a delicious little pancake place called Mog.

How to Enjoy A perfect Rainy Day

I love rainy days, so I want to convince all you rain hates it's the best.Snuggle up with a warm cup of tea and find out how to enjoy the perfect rainy day.

Spring Wishlist

With spring in the air and April showers hopefully a thing of the past, I decided it was hight time to do a wishlist.

4 Instagram Accounts I Can’t Stop Looking At

Perfect Stock Images (And Where to Find Them)

Blogging Props for Pros

Teatime with Naomi