How to Braid Your Hair Into a Pretty Flower

The Flowerbraid Look Amazingly Chic: How to Braid Your Hair Into a Pretty Flower

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Elsa Frozen Hairstyle | How To Voluminous French Braid Hair Tutorial

Since I have to do this for Sammie for Halloween. Elsa Frozen Hairstyle How To Get Braids As Big As Her Hair Tutorial Frozen Elsa’s secret to her big, messy, and voluminous French braid. source How To Do Disney’s Frozen Elsa Braid Hairstyle

DIY Messy Fishtail Braid

messy braid.

The Hottest Hairstyles for Spring 2014

2016 Hairstyles for Long Hair. Switch up your long hair this year by implementing new hair trends and ways to style your hair. If you’re tried of your long mane, there are many ways …

love her hair

Messy braids make up of my hairstyles. Give a fishtail braid a romantic feel by leaving the hair around the face loose and voluminous.

Beautiful Wedding Updos for Long Hair! Also, the back of the dress is gorgeous!

Wedding Updo Hairstyles - 8 Romantic Wedding Updos

インスタ発! 甘ゆる“バランス編み込み”花嫁ヘア

インスタ発! 甘ゆる“バランス編み込み”花嫁ヘア

本日はブライダルへ 今日もとっても楽しかったです まずは挙式スタイル☺️

本日はブライダルへ 今日もとっても楽しかったです まずは挙式スタイル☺️

fishtail braids

Tie yarn to one layer of hair at the root. We teased the roots a little bit to help the yarn stay. Braid the pieces in a fishtail braid. Be sure to vary the colors of yarn. Trim pieces of yarn and tie off with yarn.


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Beauty at Mara Hoffman RTW Spring 2015 [Photo by George Chinsee]

Backstage at Mara Hoffman Spring 2015

Though Mara Hoffman is known for her bright, playful palette, this season the mood was a bit subtler.